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Support Subscription Service

This Support Subscription Service will help to ensure that your computers are running their best by monitoring your security and making sure that you get your program updates installed.  Computing Services will do this by managing your personal computers remotely over the Internet, even when your computer is turned off.

There will be less need to schedule remote access sessions, but when we need remote access, we’ll be able to easily set that up.  You still control when we have direct remote access, which means that we won’t have access to your personal files and data without your consent.  

You’ll receive notifications whenever maintenance is performed and you’ll have the ability to easily ask questions and provide feedback. 
For one flat yearly subscription rate per computer, you can expect that we’ll be checking up on your computer remotely periodically throughout the year.

We offer flexible payment plans and there are no setup fees.

Interested?  Contact Computing Services, LLC to learn more.