Web Site Development
– Looking for a presence on the Internet? Let’s create that web site for your business. Already have a web site? Are people finding it? Let's make it easier to find your site via Search Engine Optimization. Some sites we've developed:
Purchase Recommendations – Wondering what kind of computer to buy for your home or business? No matter whether you're looking to manage costs or need to plan for future use, let's find the right equipment for you.

Computer Setup - For Home or Business – So now you have a new computer. Having a hard time getting those pictures off of your digital camera? Trying to load those songs on your MP3 player, but can't seem to get it right? Need help setting up your equipment? We can help.

Performance Tuning and Upgrades – Maybe you don’t need a new computer yet. We might be able to extend your machine’s life by adding more memory or disk space. 

Data Protection – Viruses, Malware & Spyware – Is your information protected? Is your protection up-to-date? Let’s get you set up on an automatic schedule.

Network Setup for Home or Business – Would you like to share devices like printers? Would you like to add computers to your network without the additional wiring? Is your laptop as portable as you would like it to be? Would you like to offer your customers access to the Internet? Let's set up a wireless network in your home or business and then protect it from unauthorized use.

Custom Software Development – What makes your business different? Need software to support this difference? Let’s develop a computer program just for your business. 

Education – Looking for someone to teach you how to use your computer? Have specific questions that you’ve always wanted to ask? Let's find you the right set of tips, tricks, and techniques.